Sankalpana Design Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Tulika Gadakari - Sustainability Consultant
PhD Researcher and Fellow at the School of Technology and Built Environment determined to finding a working relationship between Sustainability and Intelligent buildings. Working on sustainability projects with University. Completed a Masters degree in Sustainable Architectural Studies with Distinction in 2010.
Sir J.J College of Architecture, Mumbai. Completed a Bachelors degree in Architecture with Merit in 2008. Balancing contemporary design... traditions .. and technology .. with SUSTAINABILITY.
Sustainability in Industrial Design
A sustainability consultant can help your industry flourish by helping you integrate simple yet innovative technologies in your project. We can help you reduce your carbon footprint by adopting practices to control energy consumption, renewable energy sources as well as making your building design naturally “Climate Sensitive”.
Services we offer
  • Integrating sustainability features at the planning and design stage to reduce construction costs and added expenses later.
  • Designing to uphold the LEED certification standards.
  • Energy simulation and modelling using software to help with the design process.
  • Making you aware of the various technologies available which would suit your design requirements the best.
  • Use of energy monitoring systems for efficiency and cost reductions.
  • Delivering a high standard environment for your benefit.
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